Swivel Mount Kit
Six-month construction time-lapse using two CamDo Blink schedulers and GoPro Hero4 Silver cameras mounted in SolarX enclosures - by Mileman Media
Mileman Media is the official South African reseller for the innovative range of imported CamDo Solutions Inc. time-lapse products (www.cam-do.com).
There's simply no more affordable and flexible way to shoot amazing 4K time-lapse footage - compatible with GoPro Hero3 and Hero4 (Blink scheduler) and the GoPro Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session (BlinkX).
New for 2019 is UpBlink (available for Hero5 and Hero6, launching soon!) - the latest time-lapse intervalometer and scheduler that allows for image upload to CloudXPro over any available WiFi network.
The CamDo product range includes:
- Easy-to-use time-lapse schedulers that provide customisable daily or weekly schedules to program up to 10 separate schedules for either time-lapse or motion detection in photo, day, night, burst or video modes
- Tough and durable DryX and SolarX enclosures that are weatherproof, crushproof, airtight and UV-resistant, and built to survive in hostile environments
- Long-term operation for days, months or even years, with customisable AC power and solar-powered solutions with battery pack to suit any project
- Affordable Construction Pack that is a fraction of the price of other construction long-term time-lapse products, with high-end 4K image quality
- Gives you full control of your time-lapse equipment, helping photographers, videographers and businesses capture a wide range of projects with a simple workflow
- Simple download of images via the GoPro's built-in WiFi
Contact Mileman Media for more information: sales@milemanmedia.co.za or +27-82-897-6145
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